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Fast Chargeable Intelligent Battery System




E-Personal Mobility

Home ESS

E-Power Tool

Military Apps

Fast Charge

Fast charging battery management system with intelligence

Battery Life Cycle

Maintain cell life cycle and decrease significant amount of cell demolitions

Heat Management

Safer and easier to handling heat issues

Future Delivery System

Energy efficiency to reduce the costs and emergency delivery with low battery life

Flight Time

Conventional drone will fly between 5 and 10 miles from warehouses where our drone will be able to fly upto 20 miles

Fast Recharging Time

The fast charging time will allow twice more delivery occurence

Energy Storage System

Our ESS will detect grid outages and become your main energy source for your home. Protect your home from power outage and keep your amenities and facilities up and running!

Self-Powered Home

It will automatically charge itself during the day and seamless work when you need it, minimizing reliance on your utility

Compact and Simple Design

Easy to install and it works like magic


A major player in electric mobility market
with break-through technology
Blazing Fast

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